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Don’t allow your old home decor to take over your whole house and get you down

For people who are on the hunt for a new home, don’t be too quick to discount those older, diamonds in the rough, especially if they’re in a great neighborhood. With a little TLC, and a small reno budget, that dated home can be revitalized. Usually the biggest stumbling block is short-sighted buyers. If prospective owners can see past the red shag carpet and pea-green bathroom fixtures, they may find a house that is perfect for their needs.

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Renovations in an older home may only include a few rooms, but the areas that often need updating first are the kitchen and bathroom.

Modernize your Kitchen

There are many ways to update a kitchen without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas to renew a room that has had over 25 years of living:home improement ideas-renovation of kitchen

– Paint it. This is an easy task, and will immediately make a statement about your home style with a simple color choice. You may be a calm person who prefers neutral tones, or you might like a room with bold colors that pop.

– Backsplash tile additions can establish a completely new look to your kitchen and the rest of your home. You may want to get an off-the-shelf design, or get creative and hand paint your own tiles.

– Changing hardware on your cabinets can make them look new again. If your budget allows, you may also want to change drawer and door fronts to create a true makeover.

– If space allows, add a permanent island or even a workstation that can be rolled away when you are done. Islands can also increase the storage space in your kitchen.

– Change the lighting from outdated fluorescent panels to task-specific track or spot lighting. For a warm ambiance, add lights under your cabinets, with dimmer switches to change the mood as needed.

Brighten your bathroom

Some of the same principals apply to the bathroom as the kitchen when updating an older home. If the room is small, keep the colors bright and airy.home improvement ideas-bathroom remodel

– Paint is the number one way to update a bathroom or any other room in your home, and can be the least expensive. Creative uses of paint techniques can turn drab to fab such as faux suede.

– Purchase a shower curtain that will add life to your bathroom and match your new paint.

– Add a wood frame to your mirror and paint it to match your new decor, or keep the color neutral for future updates.

– Change towel racks to reflect modern options. Update your towel collection as well to maintain a fresh look.

– Invest in decorative storage units if your bathroom vanity is not large enough. This keeps cosmetics and other small items out of sight and your bathroom clutter free.

– Replace the sink and toilet if necessary. If your bathtub has an outdated color, instead of replacing it, consider having an acrylic bathtub liner installed, or have it professionally painted. This can often be done in a day, and will save you the time and expense of hauling out the old tub and installing a new one.

 By:Joe Samson

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