Water Conservation – How To Stop Being A Water Hog


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Water Conservation is just 1 step towards a more viable plant

Many people use much more water than they need for their daily living requirements. Conservation of this precious resource is becoming more important than ever before. It begins with individual awareness. People don’t waste natural resources on purpose. They just don’t understand the impact that wastefulness has on the planet’s ecosystem and economy.home information-water-home improvement ideas

A Never Ending Supply Should Not Be Taken For Granted

Having enough clean water for all the people who live in the United States takes energy, resources and labor. Americans can take it for granted that the flow is never ending and limitless. Why so much talk about cutting back on consumption? In the last several decades, many states across the country had to declare shortage emergencies.

Are You A Water Hog?

Are you hogging up a lot of water everyday? Most people don’t think twice about leaving the faucet running while brushing their teeth, shaving, showering or washing dishes. Granted, it can be difficult to learn new habits and become more mindful of using conservation methods at home, but it can be done. It also has the added benefit of lowering those monthly bills.

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Tips For Conserving Water At Home

There are small, easy ways to drastically reduce waste at home. Here are some good habits to develop:

-Cut off the flow if not in use-The biggest waste culprits are in the bathroom and kitchen. Set a timer for a 5 minute shower. Shutting off the water while soaping up can really conserve water. Learn how to rinse dishes in a pre-filled pan and razors in a slightly filled sink.

-Do regular maintenance of plumbing fixtures-Even the tiniest leak can waste gallons and gallons. Checking and maintaining all plumbing lines is a good defense against wastefulness.

-Start a compost pile-Instead of using the garbage disposal, why not start a compost heap outside for disposing of leftover food? Garbage disposals use up a great deal of water. Composting is also beneficial for the garden.

-Install conservation devices on appliances- Toilets, faucets and sink fixtures can be fitted with special devices that cut back on the amount of flow. Pressure is still good with these devices and they can save gallons during showers, flushing and running the sink.home information-water-home improvement ideas

-Don’t Use The Kitchen Faucet For A Cold Drink-Storing water in the refrigerator is a great way to avoid the temptation of letting the faucet run until the temperature is suitable for a cold drink.
Compared to other countries in developing nations where the people only use 15 gallons a day each, the average American uses 70 gallons or more per day. We soak our lawns all day, leave the hose running while soaping up the car and do a lot of water hogging on a daily basis. It all adds up.

By simply changing a few habits, gallons and gallons of this precious natural resource can be saved instead of needlessly wasted.

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