Kitchen Remodeling Secrets on the Cheap


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Kitchen Remodeling Secrets that won’t break the bank!

Your kitchen can be the room that sells your home if remodeled correctly.home information-kitchen remodeling-home improvement ideas

The kitchen is  the most used room in many homes and a lot of families spent most of time their entertaining, cooking, socializing and just being together in this room. Full remodels of a kitchen can cost upwards of $20,000 to $50,000. Now that is a lot of hard earned money. So let’s look at some ways to highly improve the look of this important room to get the biggest bang for your bucks. We will keep this cost below $5000.00. Many of the items will cost much less, so do not think you have to complete all of these items. Try not to personalize the space to much and if at all possible do not use cheap products.    You are better off to do less and buy good quality items then to put together a room that will just have to be re-done in 5 years. Here is my list of kitchen remodeling secrets.

kitchen remodeling-home improvement ideas

Here is a list of the items to think about. With each I have listed the price and difficulty rating. 1 being easy, 5 being difficult.

    • Repaint the Walls; Difficulty 2, Price $150: A fresh paint job is the first place to start.  This may seem obvious but so many people leave there bathroom the same way for 20 or more years. Picking a color that is natural or soft tones of blues, grays, or greens are very soothing and more modern. Make sure to take your time. Patch and prep all of the walls and ceiling well. Make sure to use a semi-gloss finish for the kitchen for better clean up ability. Paint the ceiling either white or a lighter tone of the wall color.

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  • Add some Custom Trim Work; Difficulty 3, Price $250: Install crown trim around the ceiling. You do not have to use expensive trim. Home Depot & Lowe’s stocks pre-primed crown trim for less then $1 per ft. You could install some chair rail trim about 36 inches of the floor around the wall. This opens the option for you to then paint the top half and bottom half of the walls a different color.
  • Install Wall Art; Difficulty 1, Price $125: Many people over look hanging art in the kitchen and surrounding areas. It is important to have this because it makes the room feel more custom finished. The wall art can be pictures, metal art, wood art or custom art.
  • Update the Cabinets; Difficulty 3, Price $500: If the cabinet look dingy and worn out, give then a light sand, a good coat of primer and paint with some new knobs. This is a pretty fast fix that can make the cabinets look brand new. Make sure to use some new modern hardware.
  • Replace the Counter Top/Faucet; Difficulty 5, Price $1200 to $3600: This is the best thing you can do for the value because it makes such a huge visual transformation. The large price difference is because there are so many options for counter tops in the kitchen. You can find some really nice laminate that resemble stone that will be on the lower end price wise or go for it and have stone products installed. Either way you will be amazed how much this alone will change the room.
  • Install a Custom Back splash; Difficulty 4, Price $250 to $2500: Finishing the backsplash above your counter tops is a huge hit with people viewing your kitchen. Your can accomplish this in many different ways. Home improvement stores sells items to install pressed tin looking panels through glass tile panels. There are a lot of options. A handyman can help you install this for a few hundred dollars.
  • home information-kitchen remodeling-home improvement ideasKitchen remodeeling For Profit: Remodeling your kitchen will give you the largest return on investment of almost any other home improvement project. Completeing a minor to a medium renovation can retrun as much as 100 to 120% of the cost to complete this project.

For a total of well less then $5000 you can completely remodel your Kitchen and make it look fantastic using these kitchen remodeling secrets. You may still have some older flooring, or cabinets that would be nice to replace but then that would not be part of a CHEAP remodel. By doing the work described above, you will be very happy with the results and so will anyone else that sees the work.

By: Tom Corliss

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