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bathrooms-home informationBathroom Remodeling Secrets that won’t break the bank!

Get rid of the old ugly bathroom without going broke. Your Bathroom is the second most important room in the house next to the kitchen for adding value and creating a space of comfort for the whole family.home information-bathroom remodeling-home improvement ideas

While a full bathroom remodel can cost $10,000 to $20,000 we will focus on spending less the $1500. This may still be too much for some people so I have listed the approximate price to complete each item. You can go through and pick out what will fit in to your budget. A bathroom that is updated can be the deciding factor when selling your home and could bring in thousands extra. If you are able to do all the work yourself then the remodel will pay back probably double what you spend. When remodeling a bathroom you should choose either a classic design or a s lightly more modern design. Try not to personalize the space to much and if at all possible do not use cheap products. You are better off to do less and buy good quality items then to put together a room that will just have to be redone in 5 years. So here is my list of bathroom remodeling secrets.

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Here is a list of the items to think about. With each item I have listed the price and difficulty rating. 1 being easy, 5 being difficult.home information-bathroom remodeling-home improvement ideas

  • Repaint the Walls; Difficulty 2, Price $50: A fresh paint job is the first place to start.  This may seem obvious but so many people leave there bathroom the same way for 20 or more years. Picking a color that is natural or soft tones of blues, grays, or greens are very soothing and more modern. Make sure to take your time. Patch and prep all of the walls and ceiling well. Make sure to use a semi-gloss finish for the bathroom for better moisture control. Paint the ceiling either white or a lighter tone of the wall color.
  • Replace the Shower Curtain/ Rugs/ Towel Set; Difficulty 1, Price $100: This is the easiest thing you can do. Although it can make a huge visual improvement. Also, if you are fixing up the bathroom for the point of selling your home, you get to take all of these items with you. As before, try to modernize the look without getting to personalized with design or color.
  • Custom Mirror Above Vanity; Difficulty 2, Price $75: If you currently have a large flat wall mounted mirror installed on the wall above the vanity you can greatly dress it up by Installing some trim around the mirror and painting or staining the trim. The other option is to buy a nice ornate mirror from a discount store like, Home Goods, and hang it on the wall.
  • Add some Custom Trim Work; Difficulty 3, Price $100: Install crown trim around the ceiling. You do not have to use expensive trim. Home Depot & Lowe’s stocks pre primed crown trim for less then $1 per ft. You could install some chair rail trim about 36 inches of the floor around the wall. This opens the option for you to then paint the top half and bottom half of the walls a different color.
  • Install Wall Art; Difficulty 1, Price $75: Like with the shower curtain and rugs these are items that you get to keep for yourself but they can make a huge visual difference in a smaller space like a bathroom. The wall art can be pictures, metal art, wood art or custom art. Just make sure whatever you hang is will not be harmed by moist air.
  • Install a Rain Style Shower Head; Difficulty 2, Price $ 80: People love this style of shower head. It is like being in an expensive resort or hotel. The best this is then it only takes about 15 minutes with manual work to install and your showering in style. home information-bathroom remodeling-home improvement ideas
  • Update the Vanity; Difficulty 3 or 4, Price $50 to $500: If you have an older wood vanity it may just need a good coat of primer and paint with some new knobs. If the vanity is in really bad shape consider replacing it with a in stock item from a Home Improvement store. You can find really nice in stock items for a reasonable price. Also look at Costco or Sam’s Club, they usually carry some really nice all wood vanities complete with stone tops for a really good price. This may not be something that you can install your self but you can hire a local handyman to do it for you for around $100 labor.
  • Replace the Counter Top/Faucet; Difficulty 4, Price $300 to $500: As with the vanity this may be something that you do not want to do yourself but again can be done with the help of a handyman for around $100 labor. Even if you keep your older vanity by replacing the counter top and faucet it can give a whole new look to the bathroom.

For a total of well less then $1500, you can completely remodel your bathroom and make it look fantastic by using these bathroom remodeling secrets. You may still have some older tile work or flooring that would be nice to replace but then that would not be part of a CHEAP remodel. By doing the work described above, you will be very happy with the results and so will anyone else that sees the work.

By: Tom Corliss

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